1 Ugly Little Realm

Welcome to 1 Ugly Little Realm! Please first read all rules carefully and ask if you have any questions. In order to join you must redeem a friend code from the stream store. After joining you will be monitored for approximately 1 week, you will only get to go on when Bel is streaming. Bel and Squid will make sure you are good fit for the realm and if so you will be allowed to join for 24 hrs.

General Rules

  • Respect all Players
  • No Griefing
  • No Cursing or trolling
  • Gather your own supplies, only ask for items when necessary
  • Do not enter anyones house uninvited
  • If a player dies do not steal their items
  • Don’t take food/kill animals from anyone’s farm
  • You must be able to find things to do, do not mention you are bored
  • Fix all creeper holes/damage, if you can’t fix it straight away come back with supplies ASAP
  • You may offer to help others if you have time
  • Do not mine right next to each other unless you have agreed to it
  • No intentional suicides

Building Rules

  • Be in touch with Bel or Soul before building anything new
  • If your build has decorations or looks out of place we may ask you to take them down
  • Please build accordingly according so your house does not look out of place
  • When gathering wood punch the trees all the way through
  • No Digging straight down
  • Do not change sign messages
  • No lewd art/Signs

If you have issues or questions contact Bel or Squiddy on Discord.

Welcome to the first UgBuilders challenge! Create the following building according to the requirements in your own creative world. On the deadline invite Bel, Squiddy and the guest judge into your server and they will have the final say on which build is best to go into the realm.

Please keep track of how many different blocks/item are required and we will have a building day where all realm members are required to gather the supplies.

Sign up by letting us know on discord or the stream that you would like to enter. August 17th will be the deadline and we will check out all entries on stream. If you are not able to make it please let us know so we can enter your world before the deadline.

Anyone is allowed to join, even non-realm members! You can win ugbucks that go towards unlocking an invite!

Town Library

Our little realm is in need of a community library! It can be a magical library theme or use your imagination. Please make sure it meets at least these requirements:

  • Make sure it will fit in the current lot
  • Have the exterior design match up with town towers, with matching wood and purple concrete.
  • It can be up to 3 stories and needs a basement for staff only.
  • It will  need to have multiple enchanting tables, anvils, brewing stands
  • Chests for Enchanted books where others can purchase for either, iron, gold or diamonds. The payment box can go through a hopper to the basement where staff only are allowed and can collect payments.
  • A possible upstairs with nice furnishings to sit and read others books (not to take home)

Bel, Squid and the guest Judge will have the final say! We may like elements from one build or request changes before it is brought into the realm.

1St Place: 400 Ugbucks and UgBuilders Trophy

2nd Place: 250 Ugbucks

3rd place: 100 Ugbucks